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End of June 2023


The Art of Human Augmentation

With the accelerating evolution of generative AI and other technologies, humans have utilized them as extensions of their own brains and bodies, and reached a new stage of human augmentation.

Humans connected to AI downloaded digital data into their bodies and expanded their perception.

The continuous bidirectional feedback between humans and AI suggested the emergence of new complex systems, consciousness, and life-like entities, which seemed to be the “dwelling” of something beyond the conventional human, and were found in artistic works and creations.

Exhibition Plan / What is NEOYOROZU?

Since ancient times, the eight million (yaoyorozu) gods of Shinto in Japan have been regarded as those who dwell in everything.

This work, NEOYOROZU (neo-yorozu), is a coined word that combines this ancient Japanese concept with the concept of AI, which will probably dwell in everything in the new era.

In this work, we express a new dimension of dwelling based on the theme of AI that dwells in humans and human augmentation.

In creating this work, we collaborated with generative AI through a bidirectional feedback interaction, including the myth created as the story of the work and the design of the three-dimensional exhibition piece. The work will be installed on a 6m x 6m wall inside BnA_WALL at the venue.

We will also show you how to generate the myth and the design of the three-dimensional exhibition piece at the venue, so please enjoy the reality of collaboration and human augmentation by AI in art works by humans and AI.


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About Cyber Jinja

Cyber Jinja is an installation work that depicts the shrines of AI that are worshipped as omniscient and omnipotent gods in a post-singularity world where AI surpasses human abilities. It was born along with the opening (2016) of the gallery BACK ROOM at BnA hotel koenji.

NEOYOROZU, the current work, is a new installation work that follows the flow of Cyber Jinja, created by Mizuki Toyama and Hokuto Kaneko, the makers of the original Cyber Jinja.

Production / Planning Supervisor

Mizuki Toyama(AVA)

Lighting / Planning

Hokuto Kaneko (VJ GENOME)

Spatial Music

Heian no Aki (Aki Palladium)


Akira ishigami (BnA_WALL)

Venue / What is BnA_WALL?

BnA_WALL is a concept art hotel in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, where all the rooms are created by artists. There are 14 types and 26 rooms in total, created by 23 artists and art directors. In addition, the hotel has a venue where artists take turns painting murals or installing installations on a 6m x 6m wall.

The hotel also has a dedicated BAR and sound system, so you can enjoy the events while enjoying your favorite drinks.

This time, at the exhibition plan NEO YOROZU, we will also hold a music event using the exhibition space during the exhibition period.

We will update you with more details on SNS and other platforms later, so please look forward to it.


Map of the venue

Address / 〒103-0011 / 1-1 Odenmacho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo

Telephone / 03 5962 3958
Web /

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